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  • How I Got Into Social Media Part 3

    So far we have learned that I first got involved in online marketing while selling advertising at Citysearch.  Next I dabbled with social networking sites, acted like I knew what I was doing with Drupal and worked on wikis.  So that brings me to the fall of 2008 where you could say I had a lot of free time on my hands.  So I started spending more time online reading blogs like Mashable & ReadWriteWeb to keep up on the latest Social Media trends.  And I can’t forget about all of the many user groups from Portland Data Plumbing Group (a user group for Yahoo Pipes) to Beer and Blog (a group dedicated to helping people learn how to blog & socializing with a cold one).

    I decided I needed to build up my work experience so I decided to volunteer for a non-profit called the Pixie Project, which is a non-profit no kill animal shelter and retail store.  This was good for me because it kept me busy and helped my understand how non-profits can use social media to grow their community.

    I was also busy looking for full time work.  Using social media tools made it easier for me to find jobs.  For example I used rss feeds from Yahoo Pipes super job search and from job sites like Indeed.  Using Google, Linkedin, Twitter & Facebook I found out more information about job opportunities and contacts at companies.  While doing all of this I reached out to my Linkedin contacts to see if how well they knew people at various places that I was applying for.

    Then I happened to be following BeerandBlog on Twitter and found out about an event called Endjoblessness.  This job fair was going to held at the Oregon Technology Business Center in Beaverton.  I first heard about the event from Justin Kistner the founder of BeerandBlog, but at the time the details were not hammered out.  So I ended up going to the event on a Saturday dressed up in a suite and tie (maybe a little over dressed compared to others) and not knowing what to expect.  At first there were a lot of technology based jobs, but then the CEO of GoSeeTell, Martin Stoll announced they were hiring for a social media strategist.  I was very interested and went over and talked to him.  After about a month of conversations and hanging out we decided that we were a good fit for each other.  So that brings me today and how I got into social media.

    Take Aways:

    If you want to get into Social Media you have to experience it.

    1.  As Nike says “just do it”

    2.  Read Blogs

    3.  Volunteer doing social media for a non-profit

    4.  Network and learn from others

    5.  Blog about your favorite topics

    6.  Keep updated Social Profiles

    7.  Use Twitter

    8.  Track the results

    9.  Make mistakes

    10.  Reach out to people for best practices in social media