Portland Social Media Consultant
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    1.  Introduction to Social Media: Our team will meet with key management and bring them up to speed on Social Media Marketing and the technology used to engage in it.  In this in-person or webinar format our team will answers your questions and provide best practices in Social Media.
    2.  Social Media Audit: While the “Introduction to Social Media” gets key management up to speed on Social Media & it’s technology at a higher level, the Social Media Audit digs to the core of what your company wants to accomplish and report key findings to key management.
    3.  Social Media Strategy:  Taking what we have learned from the Social Media Audit, Our team will refine the feedback we received from the client and create a plan based on those key findings.
    4.  Social Media Plan Implementation:  At this point we have learned what your company should work on, what is your company’s primary goals and our recommendation. Our team can either implement the strategy for you or train your key staff.
    5.  Reputation Monitoring:  Your brand’s reputation is everything to your company don’t you want to know what people our saying about your company?  Our team will create a reputation dashboard to monitor what people are saying about your company, industry and up 3 competitors.  This valuable information will help you listen to what your clients want & then join their conversation, analyze industry trends and keep on top of what your competitors are doing.
    6.  Social Media Analytics & Optimization:  At this point we have learned about your company & identified a clear strategy that has been implemented.  Now it is time to measure your hard work with key metrics to determine the increase in traffic to your website, your brand’s organic search result, conversions and other metrics that goals were set for.
    7.  Hourly Consulting:  Our team can customize a program that best fits with your company’s needs.  Items included in hourly consulting include: workshops, training clients, marketing, pr, community outreach, blogging, research, graphic design, web development, SEO, SEM, business development, technology, etc…